ALl for Clients

About Athena Law Office

The name of our office is taken from the name of the Greek goddess of wisdom and valor. As the name Athena indicates, we will always use our wisdom, professionalism and utmost efforts to help our clients.

What you can expect from us

At Athena Law Office, we offer legal services with the highest degree of professionalism. In particular:
1.We will abide by the highest ethical standard of the legal profession.
2.We will be devoted ourselves to constant learning and deep research on the most updated judicial and scholarly work.
3.We will consider the balance of costs and effects to minimize the expense to clients.
4.We will liaise when necessary with other professionals such as accountants, and propose the most economically reasonable solution.
5.We will, when appropriate, challenge past precedents and endeavor, together with informed clients, seek to transform mainstream interpretations of the law.
6.We will endeavor to invoke international human rights law when it applies in domestic litigation, to advance client interests and strengthen international law in domestic courts.


Please first phone our office for an appointment should you request a legal consultation. Thank you very much.